Scouts air activities range from high adventure glider flights and parascending to kite making and visits to air fields. As with Sea Scouts, Air Scouts and Air Explorer Scout programmes allow young people to undertake air activities as a specialisation whilst following the Movement’s 6-25 Programme.


AIR ACTIVITIES WEEKENDS 2017 (Henstridge Airfield)

A weekend camp for those with specific interest in aviation.

Contact John Kerley –

See Dorset Scouts Activity Calendar for more information



Gliding at the Bath Wilts & North Dorset Gliding Club


Gliding may be available as mid-week day of trial flights for Scouts as long as they meet the current age limit of 13, possibly soon to be 14, and that there are enough Scouts to make up a trial flight group of more than 10.


Bath Wilts & North Dorset Gliding Club Charges applies.  Normal conditions regards weights and size of the scouts would need to be met.


They would need to be accompanied by a responsible adult and their parents/ guardians have to pre-sign a BW & ND gliding club day membership application form or they cannot fly.  Scout Association POR Air Activities must be met.


Contact:  Chris Chappell ACC Air Activities.    e-mail: