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The training programme for adults involved in Scouting is a modular scheme, administered through County, catering for those delivering / supporting the 6-25 Youth Programme.

Dorset Scouts Adult Training is managed by the County Training Manager (CTM), and his team of Local Training Managers LTMs.

Each learner is allocated a Training Adviser (TA). The TA has an important role supporting the learner, starting with a discussion to create a tailored Personal Learning Plan (PLP) that identifies which modules are appropriate to the learner’s current role whilst taking into account any prior learning experience.

The aim of the training scheme is to provide flexibility with easy access for the learner, with three primary methods of learning:

1) Attending Instructor-led Courses
2) Self-study by e-learning or workbook
3) Taking account of prior learning
From 1 Sept 2017,  Dorset Adult Training team are launching online bookings for all their instructor-led courses. Read all about it.

The training calendar and all the relevant info and forms are temporarily being hosted elsewhere whilst this site is being rebuilt. Click the logo below.


CHANGES TO COURSE BOOKINGS_please help circulate for those without internet